NAC News & Pictures

July 2017

Read about the NAC lab in the news: NPR, July, 2017; New Scientist, July, 2017

RI-INBRE SURF conference

Lab funday 🙂

May 2017

Congrats to Alex, Brittany, and Celia (not pictured) on completing their B.S.s and getting awesome jobs!

April 2017

The NAC Lab enjoying some sunshine between presentations at this year’s CO3 conference in Florida! Together we presented two posters and one talk on some of our recent findings.


October 2016

Congrats to Keith, Brittany, and Judith on receiving an Undergraduate Research Award for their aging study!

September 2016

Four of our students present at the Biology Department’s Sigma Xi Conference at PC!


Normal days in the lab…Brittany hard at work on the cryostat and Keith testing rats on the Radial Arm Maze.


July 2016

Our five summer students presented their independent projects at the Rhode Island Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) Conference. Their projects included topics such as metacognition, sociability, dominance hierarchies, “grit”, and  working memory.

June 2016

The NAC lab is excited to welcome our second-ever lab manager, Taylor Wise! See our “People” tab to learn more on Taylor and what projects she is involved in.

Three Sisters Summer 2016

May 2016

Congrats to Sam on completing his B.A. and congrats to Aidan on completing his B.S. The NAC lab will miss its founding members and we wish them luck in their graduate programs!


April 2016

Showing off our new NAC Lab shirts at the last lab meeting of the spring semester! We had a great year in the lab.


Spring 2016 2

Spring 2016 back of shirts

Four of our undergrads represented Providence College and the NAC Lab in April at the 23rd International Conference on Comparative Cognition (CO3) in Melbourne, Florida. Aidan and Keith presented a poster on their metamemory research, and Lindsay and Brittany presented a poster on their social dominance research!

CO3 2016

October, 2015

After a few weeks of hard work and lots of research, the NAC Lab took a mid-semester break and went out for some delicious pizza in Providence.

NAC Lab enjoys pizza, along with the newest and youngest member of the lab family
Enjoying some pizza, along with the newest and youngest member of the lab family

September, 2015

The NAC Lab family got together for some cleaning and scrubbing of the lab. Here’s a shot of four of our students posing mid-clean!

Keith, Sam, Lindsey, and Alex take a quick break from cleaning our colony room
Keith, Sam, Lindsey, and Alex take a quick break from cleaning our colony room

We are happy to welcome two new students to our lab, Melissa and Keith!

August, 2015

NAC Lab welcomes our first-ever lab manager, Kristen Palframan. We’re excited for a great year of research ahead of us!

July, 2015

At the NAC Lab’s first URI SURF Conference, Sam and Aidan present their research on metamemory and Alex and Brittany present their research on social behavior!

RI Governor Raimondo at our poster!


Aidan receives the highly competitive Providence College Summer Undergraduate Research Grant for his project,  Metamemory in the Rat, so he can continue to conduct research over the summer!

February, 2015

Dr. Templer comments on an article on animal memory in National Geographic